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Homemade Dutch Pancake Recipe


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Pancakes are eaten across the world, though the range of styles and flavors is quite surprising. For example, over in Europe in France and Belgium, they tend to be very thin. However, in the US, it is common for them to be quite thick. Another take is the Dutch pancake recipe, which often makes for a meal in itself. Many people are surprised to learn that the humble pancake is a firm favorite on dining tables across the Netherlands, but it is true. However, these differ greatly from the crepes of France, being much more like an Italian pizza in many respects.

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A traditional Dutch pancake recipe would be too large for most household kitchens, but here is a simple and tasty basic recipe with a few ideas, that is a little smaller. This should be good for two or three pancakes; ideal for the family. There a no more than three ingredients which make up the basis of a recipe, though salt, pepper and sugar can be added. All that is need is 125 grams, (or 4 ounces), of flour, an egg, and 250ml, (or half a pint), of milk. These should be beaten together, with the milk going in slowly, once the egg and flour have been thoroughly combined.

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A skillet, griddle or something similar can be used, and whichever is used to be well heated for a few minutes; until smoking ideally. Once hot, a little oil should be added and also warmed for a while. Using a ladle, the batter mixture should be spooned onto the pan, and cooked until the downside starts to brown. At this point, it should be turned, (or flipped), for the other side to be done.

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 This will not take as long to cook as the first, and should be removed immediately once browned. The pancake needs to be set aside and kept warm, whilst the others are cooked, and then it just needs to be decided how to serve. A popular topping, which the kids will love, is to drench the pancakes in icing sugar, (poedersuiker) and sugar syrup, (stroop). Butter on its own works well though, whilst others favor lemon juice and brown sugar. Savories are also great; particularly bacon and cheese.

There is no real limit to what you add to a Dutch pancake recipe, as is well demonstrated in the Netherlands itself. Each street appears to have its own Pannenkoekenhuizen, (pancake shop), selling nothing but the things; each with its own take on this fantastic food.

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