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Lapskaus [laps- caus]
This is one of the traditional Norwegian dishes.

image: www.matoppskrift.no
1 piece sausage
2 pieces bacon
4 pieces potatoes
¼ piece onion
1 piece carrot
1 piece cabbage
½ piece parsley
5 dl (cups) water
½ ts salt
¼ ts pepper

Wash and peel them off, then cut them in pieces. Boil water in a pan and put potatoes and vegetables in it.
Cut bacon and sausage in small pieces and fry them in a separate pan. Then add all together and let them cook for a few minutes. Put salt and pepper in them.Serve it with bread or flat bread.
Voila! Dinner is ready!

Kjottkaker [shoat- caker] 

image: royalcookbook.com
400 g mince meat
1 ½ ts salt
¼ ts pepper
¼ ts malt nutmeg
¼ ts malt ginger
2 ss potato flour
1 ½ dl water or milk
2 ss margarine or oil
6 dl water
1 piece. meat bullion

Making this dish is easy especially if you use a food processor. Put the ingredients in it until it become tender and even, then add spices and potato flour.Finally add milk or water gradually. Shape the farce ( minced meat) like rounded balls and fry them about 5 minutes ( each side).
Put meat cakes in the pan and add bullion and water. Let it cook for 10 minutes.
Serve meat cakes with potatoes, peas or beans and berries.

Brennende Kjærlighet [ bre-nenn-de shae rlighet] (burning love)

image: tine.no
10 pieces potatoes
1 piece of vegetable bullion
3 dl milk
2 ss butter
½ ts salt
¼ ts pepper
100 g white cheese
200 g bacon
300 g mushroom
4 ss green onion
4 apples


Peel off the potatoes and put them in the boiling water.
Fry bacon with green union in a pan.
Wash apples and cut them in small pieces. Put oil in another pan if you have and fry them with dash of cinnamon. Then add apples in the bacon and union along with mushroom. Fry them about 10 minutes.
When your potatoes are coked, mash them and add butter and milk in it.
Serve them with bacon and apples.

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