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Essential Japanese Food Ingredients and Seasonings


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Japanese food is healthy, tasty and simple to prepare. It is low-fat, low cholesterol, less dependent on meat and emphasis more on vegetables and fish. Japanese food are famous in reducing heart-rated disease as it is mainly prepared by simmering food under low moderate heat. Undoubtedly, Japan is also well known of her people having the longest life expectancy in the world.
Lets broaden our knowledge in the main ingredients and seasonings used in Japanese food.
The common ingredients found in Japanese food:
Dried Shitaake
a. Dried Shiitake
Shiitake are Japan most popular mushrooms. The dried variety has a strongest taste and aroma and found commonly in many dishes.

b. Japanese Green Horseradish
It is also known as Wasabi. Wasabi is a perennial aquatic plant. It comes in paste or powder form and it is used as condiment and seasonings.

c. Kelp Seaweed
It is also known as Konbu. Konbu is an essential ingredients for making dashi (Japanese stock). Note that not to soak Konbu before used unless stated.

d. Noodles
The common types of noodle used in Japanese food are Udon (made from white flour), Somen (made from wheat, very fine) and Soba (made from buckwheat flour).

Katsuo Bushi
e. Bonito Fish Flakes
It is also known as Katsuo Bushi. It is an essential ingredients of dashi.

The essential seasonings used in Japanese food

Soy Sauce
a. Soy Sauce
The most famous and widely used seasoning in Japanese cooking. It is made of fermented soya beans, wheat, salt and water.

b. Miso
It is an important seasoning in Japanese food. It is made from fermented soy bean and it is an older brother of soy sauce.

Rice Vinegar
c. Rice Vinegar
It is used to neutralize fish odors, reduce saltiness and tenderize meat.
d. Sake
Japan's most traditional alcohol beverage. It is used to preserve, marinate and neutralize the odor of fish and meat.

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